Love Affair With Life Through Photography

I like to make photographs of so called inanimate objects and other things.
When I look very carefully I see no border between I and what I see.
There is no separation.

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New Work Painterly Style - Mixtures of photographs and wetplate, lithography and/or oil on canvas optic.

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When The Wind Stops You Smell The Fragnance Of The Orchid - Diptych from two 50 Megapixel Medium Format Photographs
Studio Still Life Rose With Gloves
Studio Still Life With Rose And Gloves
Magnificent Times
Magnificent Times
Everything is all right
Everything Is All Right
Rose Lithography Style
Single Rose
Sansiveria Wetplate
Sansiveria Plate 2
Magnolia Wetplate
Magnolia Wetplate Color
Hommage to Norman Lundin - Folding Chair With Jar
Folding Chair With Jar - Hommage to Norman Ludin -
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In And Out Of Nothingness
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Cracks In Reality
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Cracks In Reality II
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Everything Is Still All Right
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Breath In - Breath Out
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Time Is Fleeting
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Enjoy The Little Things

Love Affair With Life

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